Corporate Responsibility

Zeppelin Products, Inc. conducts its business with standards that meet our operational goals, products that are manufactured in our owned and contracted facilities, and people who we take pride in employing. Zep-Pro has a commitment to uphold all of the workplace codes of conduct that have been set forth. Our brand represents symbols of innovation, creativity, and integrity in an industry that challenges manufacturers to meet competitive costing without sacrificing quality.

Our employees are paid fairly, offered benefits programs, provided with pleasant and safe working conditions and always treated with respect and dignity.

Zep-Pro complies with state laws in transporting and storing chemicals that may be harmful to the environment and labor. We always analyze our products on how packaging and shipping can affect the environment. Most of our vendor packaging is utilized internally for storage of products or reused in shipping to our customers, considerably reducing the consumption of paper products and waste.

Management encourages innovation and creativity that fosters a dynamic and competitive business model, providing resources which enable employees to work at their respective positions. Our business conduct and ethics meet all government rules and regulations. All of our employees respect applicable laws during their stay with the company and encouraged to seek guidance from management.

Zep-Pro is a member of FLA and adheres to their Codes of Conduct as required for Category C licensees. Below is our summarized pledge. A detailed Workplace Code that has been adopted, signed and outlined is available by request.

  • Public Disclosure of Factories.
  • Wages and Benefits are distributed to employees, meeting basic needs, set by local law for minimum wage and provide benefits.
  • Working Hours are set for normal business circumstances which include a 40 hr. work week.
  • Overtime Compensation is required for extraordinary circumstances to meet product demand and is set at the legally required rate.
  • Child Labor is not tolerated and prohibited to any person younger than 15 and consistent with State law.
  • Forced Labor is prohibited.
  • Health and Safe environment is provided to all employees.
  • Nondiscrimination is adhered to by all staff during hiring and employment.
  • Harassment and Abuse will not tolerated and reported by law.
  • Freedom of Association is respected as stated by local and state rules and regulations.
  • Women workers will receive equal compensation and will not be subject to pregnancy tests, maternity termination and other conditions that single them within their co-workers.